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ContactSheets v2.0 – Contact Form 7 Google Spreadsheet Addon

ContactSheets v2.0 – Contact Form 7 Google Spreadsheet Addon One of the popular plugins for saving your Contact Form 7 creates entries within a single Google spreadsheet. It can easily save all the entries in a single spreadsheet with great features.

ContactSheets v2.0

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We can also set freeze headers in Google Spreadsheet. Users can easily change the header name and custom order on the contact sheet WordPress settings page. There are also options for the File field to save all files in the Plugin Uploads folder and to add links within a Google Spreadsheet row.

Contact Sheet v2.0 Features;

  • save entries – We can easily save all entries with a Google spreadsheet to make your inquiries/data more efficient. Google Spreadsheets can save entries in your Contact Forms 7.
  • New spreadsheets and sheets – Once the user will select the Create new spreadsheet with setting option, it will automatically create the new spreadsheet and sheet based on the name in the setting page.
  • Freeze Header Head – User can easily freeze the header row (first row) of the sheet with the setting page option. It is easily accessible to enable/disable whenever we need it.
  • duplicate form – User can create multiple duplicate forms which may have to assign entries based on the setting of the form. Different forms may send data to different sheets depending on the form setting.
  • custom header name – User can easily change the header names within the setting page. There are simple text files to rename headers. This will automatically be affected by the Google Spreadsheet header.
  • save files – If your forms will have file fields it will automatically save those files to our plugins folder and add a link to Google Spreadsheets. We can easily check attachment by one click with Google Spreadsheet Entries.
  • custom ordering – By default the order will be the same as the fields are added to the contact form. We can change the header name and mapping selection as per our requirement.

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Download ContactSheets v2.0 – Contact Form 7 Google Spreadsheet Addon

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