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Home » Elementor Extras v2.2.15 Nulled – Widgets and Extensions for Elementor

Elementor Extras v2.2.15 Nulled – Widgets and Extensions for Elementor

Elementor Extra v2.2.15 Nulled Useful widgets and extensions for Elementor. Elementor Extra Nulled is a premium WordPress plugin for Elementor that expands features with useful new widgets and extensions that pop-up. It expands the possibilities of the designer thanks to the many unique widgets and extensions that make Elementor even more powerful. Global tooltips, parallax elements and sticky elements as well as widgets such as Switch, Timeline and Hotspot will give you an edge when developing your WordPress site. Elementor Extras v2.2.15,

Elementor Extras v2.2.15


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Elementor Extras Nulled is created by a passionate group of designers who care a lot about what you achieve. This is why the Elementor Extra Nulled addon makes it easy to make an exciting and beautiful experience.

With powerful add-on widgets for Elementor, you can find extensions that change the way you interact with Elementor and fit into the current Elementor control.


WordPress users can install and switch between different themes. Themes allow users to change the look and functionality of a WordPress website without changing the original code or site content. Every WordPress website needs to have at least one theme and each theme should be designed using WordPress values ​​including Structured PHP, Valid HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Themes can be installed directly on the dashboard using the WordPress “Appearance” administration tool, or the theme folders can be copied directly to the theme directory, for example, via FTP. The PHP, HTML and CSS themes found in the themes can be modified directly to change the behavior, or a theme can be a “child” theme that inherits settings from another theme and overrides features.

Elementor Extra Nulled Features;
  • post extra
  • gallery extra
  • gallery slider
  • scroll indicator
  • Hotspot
  • switcher
  • equipment
  • Almanac
  • offcanvas
  • slide menu
  • Search Form
  • Time
  • toggle element
  • Google Maps
  • unfold
  • audio player
  • video player
  • Mandal Pragati
  • image comparison
  • pop up
  • age gate
  • Button
  • additional title
  • inline svg
  • text divider
  • Table
  • breadcrumbs
  • random image
  1. Download the Elementor Additional Plugin Zip File from below.
  2. Upload Elementor Extra to your WordPress website.
  3. Activate Elementor Extra addon.
  4. Purchase code: (if required)
  5. Enjoy it.

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