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Mobile Responsive Arcade Site Script v1.6.0 Nulled

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Mobile Responsive Arcade Site Script v1.6.0 Nulled – Enjoy the platform to build an online gaming mobile responsive website, including the powerful features and updates of

Mobile Responsive Arcade Site Script Null

Arcade Site Script
Arcade Site Script


  • login, signup, password recovery
  • Player Experience Points and Levels
  • player badge
  • favourite sport
  • Optional login and signup with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (OAuth client)

Mobile Responsive Arcade Site Script v1.6.0 Null Language Translation

  • API with auto translate categories and tags translation
  • google translate api driver
  • Yandex Translate API Driver

Theme languages

Translate game title, description and instructions with translation.

Site front-end

  • leaderboard page
  • Alternative game preview page
  • Ads Manager Extension – Easy Setup Google Adsense
  • multilingual
  • Mobile Responsive Theme
  • game search
  • Show games by category
  • show games by tag
  • Featured Games Panel
  • share button
  • popular game panel
  • popular sports pages
  • Featured game pages
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Privacy Policy Dialogue
  • game rating
  • category thumbnail image
  • Full screen button in game play page

Control Panel

  • Language translation for categories and tags
  • Category thumbnail image upload
  • Sort games by title, plays, date and status
  • game feed
    • Famobi
    • game delivery
    • sports monetization
    • game art
  • Automatic game installation from game feed.
  • sports categories
  • game tag
  • edit game
  • upload game
  • game type
  • find games
  • disable game
  • delete game
  • Adjustment
    • game installation task settings
    • show/hide game play
  • share button setting
  • game rating setting
  • cron scheduler auto installation
  • google sitemap


  • PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3.
  • PDO PHP Extension.
  • curl php extension.
  • zip php extension.
  • Apache 2.
  • Linux Server.
  • MySQL 5.7+ with InnoDB.

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Post install settings

  1. crontab installation control Panel > System > cron
  2. set arcade site as a subject Important and click Update button in control Panel > System > subjects
  3. language setting control Panel > Dialect
  4. enable cache control Panel > System > Adjustment > cash

Mobile Responsive Arcade Site Script Null


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