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What is WordPress Theme | How It is Important


WordPress themes are keywords that are searched extensively on Google and other search engines. So what is a theme? What are its benefits? How do you like How to differentiate Themes? What skills do you need to build a Theme. With this article, let’s learn more about WordPress themes.

What is WordPress Theme?

The simplest and most straightforward definition is “theme is the interface of WordPress”. For websites created with WordPress, the theme is the folder that contains the entire interface design file. This is where WordPress allows you to change, edit the interface. Each website has a unique theme. Once a developer finds a good theme, they can sell it in the market. There are now millions of free themes available for sale on the Internet.

Why use themes?

The theme is a must on your website. All companies that build websites with WordPress want to edit the interface they have to go through this directory. When installing WordPress, there are already 03 free themes available such as fifteen, twenty-four, and twenty-six, but these themes are simple enough that often require additional editing to be able to use.

Benefits of WordPress themes
  • Installation is simple with just a few taps.
  • Easy to develop, modify and maintain.
  • Simple management interface, easy to understand.
  • clear structure
  • Friendly to search engines like Google, Bing…
Should I buy a WordPress theme?

WordPress-Themes are very popular in the market. Good quality themes help your website look professional without spending too much time, effort, and cost. So buying a theme is a perfect fit for the current period. You just need to find out if it is fully functional as desired. You can buy premium themes here.

differentiate themes

Currently, there are many types of Themes on the internet, 2 types free and paid, free themes, simple installation, but may not be good for SEO in on-page issues, less and less functional. The paid theme is completely different, though it has a somewhat complicated setting, which requires a bit more experience. However, paid themes may not be optimal for on-page SEO as some developers only do well in terms of technology and art but forget the important part of optimizing SEO. But don’t worry, PPO has a solution for WordPress installation service that will do everything for you.

And WordPress themes can be classified as:
  • Regular themes A theme with a basic code structure in the API library and open functions in WordPress available support, a theme usually includes core files such as index.php, header.php, footer.php, single. PHP, sidebar.php, archive.php, category.php, and sometimes a few more files but those files are all standard WordPress theme structure.
  • Theme Framework: This is an advanced theme type, structured unlike normal themes and intended only for experienced users. This type of theme usually has a very basic interface as the purpose it generates is for the users to proceed to customize it in the interface of their nature.
  • Theme Builder: This is a type of structured theme that is completely different from a regular theme but with a fairly simple to use, you drag and drop objects available in the interface and customize the colors automatically. Design your own interface. This type is often used for normal users due to slightly poor optimization. Some of the famous theme builders like Headway, Ultimatum, JBuilder, Pagine.
  • Starter Theme: This type is only for programmers and designers to design their themes based entirely on the pre-built structure. If you want to learn how to make themes, you should start with this.
  • Child theme: This is a regular theme, but includes the features of the parent theme, which is often used to customize the theme without interfering with the parent theme’s code. Except for some special subjects like headway, thesis, all other subjects support child subject including general subject.
How to create WordPress theme?
  • The interface design in Photoshop was a PSD file.
  • Build a static website with HTML combined with CSS and PSD to JavaScript.
  • Install WordPress source code.
  • Convert from static HTML interface to Theme.
  • Skills and Knowledge Required to Develop a Theme.
  • Basic PHP programming skills.
  • Art design skills.
  • Skill HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery.
  • Basic WordPress knowledge.

Conclusion Website created with WordPress must have a theme. WordPress themes help programmers to shorten website design time. It also enhances the professionalism of your website.


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