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What is WordPress | WordPress Tutorial For Newbies?



If you are a new person or business. And want to make a website. You might be overwhelmed by all the options out there on the net. And probably don’t understand what is the difference between website creation tool and website host with wordpress.

What is WordPress Hosting?

Here, I will share what is WordPress and WordPress hosting. The ultimate goal is to help you find the best web hosting. and fit your site.

So what is WordPress?

WordPress is a software open source (free) written in PHP language and management system MySQL database. Content Management Software (CMS) that you can use to build a website.

Simply put, it is a tool that helps you to create your website, blog or news. And it is one of the best CMS that you can choose to use to build your website.

WordPress was developed to serve the general user. Doesn’t require a lot of knowledge about advanced programming or websites. Because the operation in Word-Press is very easy. Intuitive administration interface, which helps you understand the management structure of a Word-Press website in a short amount of time.

But WordPress is also powerful and flexible enough to cater to those who already know the technology. Or run a website for business.

If you want to start building a website or blog, then WordPress is the right choice.
It is also the choice of over 25% of the top ten million websites of today. World famous websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, CNN, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Bata, Quartz…

However, just choosing a CMS can create an attractive and effective website is not enough. You will also need to choose how you want to host your website. This decision should be investigated. Because choosing hosting does not work properly. Can actually load your beautiful website slowly and cause many problems. so:

What are the benefits of WordPress hosting?
  • Perfect for small and medium businesses
  • Suitable for beginners to building and managing websites
  • Unlimited Sharing Servers in Word-Press
  • infinite plugin
  • Easy to set up and customize with cPanel
What are the disadvantages of Word-Press hosting?
  • A shared server means sharing resources with other websites on that server. And the larger the shared resource, the slower the running speed
  • You may have less specialized technical support. However, as mentioned above, if you are looking for the right supplier.

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