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WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.7 Nulled – WordPress Content Grabber

WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.7 – A plugin for grabbing content from various sources in WordPress. This quality can be found by posting targeted articles, Amazon products, ClickBank products, Walmart products, YouTube videos, Vimeo videos, Dailymotion videos, Feed posts, eBay auctions, Flickr images, Instagram images, Pinterest contacts, Reddit, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist ads. could. , iTunes app / Songs / Books / Movies / Podcasts, Envato items and SoundCloud songs on autopilot.

Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.46.7 – WordPress Content Grabber.

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wordpress automatic plugin Automatically posts to WordPress from almost any website.

It can import from popular sites like YouTube and Twitter using its API or from any website of your choice using its scraping module

WordPress automatic null features;
  • RSS feeds to WordPress: To copy posts from any website, add an RSS feed for the plugin. It can import full content, authors, tags, categories and set featured image.
  • Any web page for wordpress: Single-page scraper can import desired portion from any URL. It will keep monitoring this part and copy it to a new post or update it if there is a change in an existing post.
  • Any website for wordpress: A multi-page scraper can import multiple posts from any website. It also supports pagination so you can import all posts from almost any website.
  • Instagram to WordPress: Automatically import from Instagram by keyword, hashtag or a specific profile. It can import comments and tags. It can only import from popular posts or recent items.
  • WordPress to Pinterest: WP automatically imports Pinterest Pins from keywords, boards or a specific profile and publish them directly to your website with this Auto Grabber WordPress plugin.
  • Reddit for WordPress: Import Reddits from any Reddit URL so it can search, import by specific user reddits or subreddit, it can import comments and embed videos and GIFs.
  • Flickr Images for WordPress: Automatically import keywords from Flickr, profiles, or a specific album. It can automatically set wordpress tag from image tag automatically.
  • youtube videos for wordpress: WP Automate Post videos from YouTube by keyword, username or a specific playlist and auto publish them to your website with this Auto Grabber WordPress plugin.

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  • Vimeo Videos for WordPress: Post videos from Vimeo by keyword, username, channel or a specific album and auto publish them to your website with this Auto Post WordPress plugin.
  • Dailymotion Video for WordPress: Automate WP post videos from Dailymotion by keyword, username or a specific playlist and auto-publish them on your website with this auto-import WordPress plugin.
  • SoundCloud WordPress seems to: Post audios from SoundCloud by keyword, username or specific playlist and auto-publish them to your website with this Auto Blog WordPress plugin.
  • iTunes for WordPress: Post anything from iTunes website to music, apps, podcasts, ebooks, audiobooks, movies, TV shows and all from iTunes website with this Auto Grabber WordPress plugin.

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  • Ezine Articles for WordPress: WP Automate Post Articles from by Keyword Just add the keywords you want articles about and the WordPress Automate plugin will import that automatically.
  • Spintax for WordPress: The spintax form has content, the plugin can generate as many articles as you want from this spintax and automatically publish them to WordPress automatically.

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  1. Download the WordPress Automate plugin from below.
  2. Upload the WordPress Automator plugin to your WordPress website.
  3. Activate WP Automatic and enjoy.

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Download WordPress Automate Plugin v3.46.7 Zeroll


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