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HighWayPro v1.2.2 – URL Shortener & Link Cloaker for WordPress

HighwayPro v1.2.2 The ultimate URL shortener and link cloaker for WordPress. An innovative user interface, powerful targeting options, automatic link entry, advanced analytics and more!

free download highwaypro – URL shortener and link cloaker for WordPress.

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Send users to different targets

Positions are one of HighwayPro’s most exciting and powerful features. Redirect your traffic to different URLs based on the location they are in, the device they are using, the web page they are coming from, and much more!

personal analytics

Popular hosted URL shortener services like reveal your link statistics to everyone, including your competitors. With HighwayPro, your analysis is completely private.

detailed analytics

You have shared the same link on different websites/pages. How do you know what the best performing source is? With HighWayPro, you get detailed analysis such as country, equipment used and reference pages.

HighwayPro Features;

  • 8 Bet Types:
    • device
    • country
    • disposable
    • date range
    • Hours Limit (New)
    • referrer (original)
    • consumer agent
    • Roles and Abilities
  • 6 target types available in HighwayPro:
    • Evident
    • rotate (new)
    • Post Types (Post, Page, Product + More)
    • Content (post type without redirect) (new)
    • Taxonomy (categories, tags + more)
    • not found (404)
  • Advanced Analytics in HighwayPro:
    • Clicks are counted for the current day, the day before, the current month, and all time clicks
    • Total number and percentage of country figures
    • The Total number and percentage of device statistics
    • Total number and percentage of origin (HTTP referrer) statistics
    • Statistics for all URLs based on combined or individual URLs
  • Organize URLs by Type
  • add a different base path to your url
  • HighwayPro’s automatic link insertion: Insert a link into an existing post. Limit the post type and the number of times a URL can be inserted
  • Control the behavior of links within your post content:
    • open in current tab
    • open in New tab
    • Set the follow type to do-follow or no-follow, individually or globally
  • Track your social media traffic by automatically creating and setting a short URL for each post!
  • Automatically create a new shortened URL for each new or updated post
    • Select generated path length
    • generate path:
      • Alphabet
      • numeric
      • alphanumeric
  • Set up auto-generated short URLs to be used in social media (og:urls)
  • Gorgeous Dashboards: Build URLs, view statistics and more easily with the API-powered HighwayPro Dashboard
  • Tried testing: 3,500+ unit tests
  • WordPress 5+ and Gutenberg Support
  • ready for translation
  • Included support and online documentation
  • PHP 7+ support


  1. Download Highwaypro WordPress Plugin from below.
  2. Upload it to your WordPress website.
  3. Activate Highwaypro WordPress Plugin, Enjoy!
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HighwayPro v1.2.2 . download


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