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WP Rocket v3.6.2.1 Nulled – Best WordPress Caching Plugin

WP Rocket v3.6.2.1 Null Helps to improve page loading speed and reduce server load. A higher download speed, in turn, lowers the bounce rate, increases conversions, and helps increase space in Google’s search results. It has long been known that this factor is considered one of the most important in the ranking.

WP Rocket
WP Rocket
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  • quick installation – I will not say that this is an advantage.
  • Page caching is an ultra-fast loading time required to improve search engine optimization and increase conversions.
  • cache preloading – Site indexing is immediately improved.
  • preload sitemap – WP Rocket Nulled automatically works with the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO Premium – Not a bad thing.
  • gzip compression – Bandwidth savings.
  • database optimization – Regular cleaning of garbage.
  • Customizable Google Fonts – Customization of fonts.
  • Extracting query strings from static resources – Removing query strings from CSS and JS files.
  • the minimum – WP Rocket Nulled causes reduction in CSS, HTML, Javascript files – This means faster site loading times.
  • To postpone loading of js – Again, reducing the loading time of the site.
  • Compatibility with Cloudflare – I wrote about this service once already. You can familiarize yourself with it in these articles: We put an SSL certificate for a WordPress site and an SSL certificate for a site. part 2.
  • cdn – Reducing the expectation of HTTP requests.
  • prefetching dns – Minimize DNS responses from external resources.
  • mobile search – Transition of the user from the mobile version to the more convenient version for him.
  • multilevel compatibility – Ok, this is a feature for multisite in WP Rocket Nulled.
  • e-commerce – Useful for online stores on WordPress.

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Download WP Rocket v3.6.2.1 Nulled – Best WordPress Caching Plugin


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