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Does Shared Hosting affect SEO?


If you are using shared hosting and wondering if it will affect the SEO of the blog? Do you need a dedicated IP for your shared hosting account? Let’s find out the answer to this question here.

For starters, who are not yet aware of shared hosting, it is a server where a lot of websites (from 10 to 200-300) are hosted on the same server and thus share the same IP. Generally, you have a private IP for $2-5 on shared hosting, not much if you are running a professional website.

Shared hosting affects SEO

One reason to have a dedicated IP for hosting is because:

Google allows some restrictions on indexing and it is based on IP servers. On shared hosting, if a website has used too many resources (bot crawling), you will be affected and you may notice that the indexing is slow or the search bots do not crawl your blog.

Especially we have seen a lot of web hosting companies that provide a complete package such as SEO hosting. This way, even on shared hosting, out of the world you are considered to be on another system and will not count as being hosted on the same server as someone else. Although such SEO hosting is quite expensive, and the question is that as a webmaster do we need such SEO hosting or dedicated IP address for our websites?

We asked the same question


on our Facebook and Google+ walls and got lots of answers that can help you decide whether you need a personal IP or not.

Quick question: on a shared hosting is the importance of having it’s own dedicated IP for each website? What difference does it make? Let’s say you host a website on shared hosting and running some rogue porn/spam/hacking sites… because most firewalls use domain name + IP security to block such sites… what Will it affect your business/blog/service visits?

Anyone with whom you share an IP can have reputational effects on that IP, and in some cases, it can affect your ability to communicate with certain hosts. Email is the most common case if someone sharing your IP is blocked for spam; Being blocked can also result in your email being blocked.

When we run a web hosting service (especially with automated blogs), clients will constantly ask for different C class IPs even though they are shared. We believe it brings some benefits for SEO. Google doesn’t want all the junk to come from the same IP.

It is good to have a shared hosting with a dedicated IP.


From an SEO point of view, your site’s IP will be exclusive to you (and only you). In a typical shared hosting scenario, there are hundreds of websites with the same IP. Does it now improve your ranking? The great possibility is that it will have no effect at all. But it also has some advantages. And dedicated IP is as low as $2/month.

We can bring up in some utilization cases that devoted IP can be a decent alternative.

Hundreds and thousands of sites use to secure against spam. Furthermore, individuals frequently fail to remember that “trackbacks” can likewise be hailed as spam. In the event that awful neighbor locales “connect” to you… As a blog proprietor, you don’t need the awful destinations in the trackback to be presented to the general population (expecting your trackback is public).

We tried out an additional $2 for six months with a dedicated IP on the Hostgator Baby plan. During that the tool didn’t see any changes and then came back and still didn’t see any changes. That would be best, but then if its price doesn’t matter, I’m sure most serious webmasters don’t have a problem with it, then a dedicated IP would be reasonable to be able to have peace of mind.

Note: Bluehost offers dedicated IPs for $3/month. You can get 60% off Bluehost if you use this discount link. You can refer to the article How to Change WordPress Interface Affecting SEO.

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